Homophonic  3000.00 Clayfire Gallery
Homophonic  3000.00 Clayfire Gallery


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Homophonic is a colourful homage to the queer musicians of the world, past and present. Throughout the last century the fight against homophobia has been an enormous challenge. A key factor in the shift of public acceptance has been the many out and proud musicians who, against great odds, have put themselves in the public eye and created a very visible queer presence in the world. The rainbow colours in this artwork represent the diversity in our artistic community. The fanning out of the ukuleles symbolises the spread and reach that these queer musicians have obtained in sharing their story with the world. As a result, over the decades, these role models have helped normalise homosexuality in popular culture to a point where homophobia is now the outcast. However, the fight still continues, so hopefully the artists of today and tomorrow continue to help raise awareness and contribute as agents of change.
The strength and courage of queer musicians is something to be admired.

122cm x 70cm x 13cm