Sam Patterson-Smith

I think of myself as having two brains when it comes to art. I am both fascinated by realism and intrigued by abstraction, this is why i create works in two very distinct and quite seperate styles. My more realistic works require a level of concentration and focus that i totally lose when creating abstract works...but my abstract works permit me total freedom of expression and enable me to unleash upon a canvas in a way that realism will never allow me. Ive always been fascinated by both styles of creating art, from classical realist painters and sculptors, their eye for detail and use of pencils, and oils on one side, to totally abstract artists like Basquiat and Kandinsky, or Rothko above all though my art is influenced by music, primarily hip hop hence my choices of who i draw and the materials i use such as spray paint or markers. Perhaps in time music will help me to create an amalgamation of these two minds and styles of mine, or it will divide them further apart. Perhaps it will be beautiful or ugly as decide.I am happy regardless.