Nathan Paddison

I have found my way and reborn myself through paint. I paint my experiences looking through the eyes of someone I’ve become but still using the experiences of my troubled past using colors and gestures to represent emotions also words play a big part of my journey.they are also a form of abstraction in the way i use them but definately have meanings beyond the way they are read. I like to use acrylic,charcoal,marker,ink ,pastel and collage as i work fast and with alot of energy sometimes aggressively sometimes playfully although each work takes a few attempts As its a build up of layers that take a journey to tell there own story and build there own personalityalthough the end result shows barely any of the journey it gives the painting its soul.
I have a strong belief in art and not just painting so I express whatever myself or the canvas asks of me everything is part of the story and my journey. The places ive been and story i have to tell is unmatched and im making my art from places I've been and seen. I paint day and night religiously.