Bel Woodruff

My artistic practice offers me therapeutic release through a mediative, reflective practice.
to nature, temperature, light, and time is what tempts me to interpreting my
emotions onto
the chosen surface. I work intuitively and freely allowing my expressions to
flow without
expectations. I learn from the process of each creation.
I aim to leave the viewer a bit of space to find the comfort in a sense of familiarity between
what is implied through the medium and what is clearly relative in each expression.
I thrive in the discipline of the process, knowing exactly when to stop is a valuable reward.
By letting each artwork find an energy of its own, it is at that moment I find there's a
'Delicate Balance Between Beauty + Disaster'.
is when the work is complete and that's when I can reflect on my learnings and
relationship with the medium, the colour and the final image that's been created."